A Guide to Understanding Positive Behaviour Support

October 27, 2023

Living with a disability, whether physical, mental, or intellectual, presents unique challenges that affect not only the individuals themselves but also their support networks. United for Care recognises this challenge and the need for comprehensive strategies to enhance the lives of those in need. One such strategy is Positive Behaviour Support, a holistic approach aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals facing diverse challenges.

What is Positive Behaviour Support?

Positive Behaviour Support involves a thorough assessment of an individual's needs by an Allied Health practitioner. This assessment delves into previous experiences and responses, uncovering the underlying causes of challenging behaviours. The practitioner crafts a personalised support plan, outlining specific strategies to address these challenges positively.

Empowering Support Networks

Crucially, Positive Behaviour Support extends beyond the participant, incorporating their trusted circle of supports including family, caregivers, and friends. These circle of supports receive training that is targeted to equip them with the knowledge and skills to provide effective support for the participant in various situations that could provoke challenging behaviour.

Breaking Misconceptions

Despite its potential to transform lives, Positive Behaviour Support often suffers from misconceptions. Many view it as an intervention for negative behaviours, but in reality, it’s a proactive and positive framework. By implementing Positive Behaviour Support, individuals can achieve greater mobility, engage more deeply with others emotionally, and tackle challenging situations, for example, such as accessing public transport for with greater ease.

Looking Ahead

United for Care remains committed to promoting the positive impacts of Positive Behaviour Support. By embracing Positive Behaviour Support, we can create a world where participants with disabilities can thrive, supported by networks that can sustain this. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey toward enhancing lives through understanding, compassion, and positive change.


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