What is MTA?

medium term accomodation (MTA)

Medium Term Accommodation is temporary funding in your NDIS plan that covers accommodation costs during times of transition or change. To be eligible you must have a home you are moving into and you need somewhere to live in the medium term until those arrangements can be made i.e. building modifications. The NDIS may cover up to 90 days for Medium Term Accommodation. The United For Care difference is that we provide you care and support alongside your accommodation in our Vertical Villages.

Photograph of a modern United for Care apartment showcasing a cozy bedroom
Your Own Apartment

Enjoy your own privacy and embrace the community.

Experienced Staff

Our care team are there to support you to live a quality life.

Great Locations

In central hubs with access to your chosen lifestyle.

Tailored Support

We take the time to provide supports that suit your needs and wants.

Transforming Lives With Our Vertical Villages

I'm here, I'm safe and I've got a place to call home. I've got an incredible care team around me that understand my needs and it's amazing! Very grateful for United for Care!


This team is the Gold Standard. The staff have a good handle on comorbidity of cognitive impairment, mental health, substance use and challenging behaviours. It’s what makes them so aspirational. I worked with one of their clients in crisis homelessness intermittent with incarceration & hospitalisation. He would disappear and reappear. This man is now present, engaged, has a home, no criminal matters. His quality of life has improved.

Lee Wilson
Justice Advocacy Service

United for Care became a beacon of hope for our family when my sister suffered a stroke that left her non-verbal and with a permanent physical disability. Their dedicated and compassionate team provided quality care and emotional support, bringing hope and normalcy back into our lives. They celebrated her progress and, most importantly, helped her find her voice again. We are forever grateful for their support.

Family Member

Experience care-infused Medium Term Accomodation with us!

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