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What’s involved?

Embrace the life you envision by mastering essential life skills tailored to your unique journey. Our dedicated support is designed to empower individuals with disabilities to cultivate their daily living capabilities, enabling them to thrive as active members of their community on their own terms. Through this transformative journey, you'll cultivate self-assurance and independence, all while broadening your horizons, expanding your social connections, and enhancing your Independence.

Whether you aspire to join a sports team, express yourself through music, enhance your culinary talents, gain financial independence, or navigate the roads behind the wheel, our service is here to assist you. Your dreams of living independently, traveling autonomously, or securing meaningful employment are within reach. As you hone your chosen skills, you'll also refine your communication abilities, enhance problem-solving skills, and sharpen your planning and organisational competencies. With each step, you'll build resilience, master teamwork, and enjoy a life marked by greater autonomy.

We firmly believe in the boundless potential within everyone. The satisfaction you'll derive from acquiring new skills will kindle the confidence to strive for even greater aspirations in the future. Your journey towards personal growth and achievement begins here.

Activities Include

Digital Art, Design, and Photography
Building Independent Skills: Money management, problem-solving, resolution-finding, and decision-making.
Travel Training
Health, Wellbeing, and Mindfulness
Sports and Fitness
Outings to Local Centers, Museums, and Festivals
Volunteering Opportunities
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