Enhancing Quality of Life through Positive Behaviour Support

August 14, 2023

For many living with a disability, whether that be physical, mental or intellectual, each individual has their own set of challenges they face daily. This could include being in situations that may feel confronting or unexpected. This not only affects them, but their network of support such as family, friends and support workers.

We have witnessed a gap in assessing an individuals’ needs connected to their behaviour. There is a need to identify strategies to care for these needs and also implement a plan that provides specific training to a participant’s trusted circle of support who can best care for them.

With the expansion of our Allied health services, we are now integrating Positive Behaviour Support. We at United for Care are committed to increasing the quality of life for all participants and believe this approach is beneficial in doing just that.

We want our participants to have an enhanced capacity to achieve their goals and we believe in order to achieve that, we must start with assessing a participant’s core needs.

What is Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

Positive Behaviour Support involves an Allied Health practitioner doing an assessment of the participant’s needs. This might include how a participant has managed situations that have been difficult for them in the past, to identifying underlying causes to responses they might have had in different contexts.

The Positive Behaviour Support practitioner analyses their needs, generates strategies and creates a training plan which includes requirements on how to best care for the participant. This plan becomes the framework for training a participant’s trusted network of support.

A Positive Behaviour Support training plan allows families and support workers to feel prepared and equipped to handle various scenarios. It allows participants to be supported in an individualised way. It also enhances a participant’s capacity to achieve more, such having better mobility physically and/or connecting deeper with others emotionally.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Allied Health services!

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