Psychosocial Support Services

We can help you with

Practical skills for daily living
Improving your confidence and building independence
Identifying your strengths
Looking after your mental and physical health
Finding a hobby
Linking in with Centrelink and Department of Housing
Finding employment or support with studies

Our approach

We offer flexible, community-based support services for people with persistent mental health concerns or needing psychosocial support.

You can access individual support that involves one-on-one support with a support worker.

United for Care provides services across the Sydney region and support people in their homes and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get. If you have any more, shoot us a message.

What is Psychosocial Support?

Psychosocial Support is a specialized service for individuals dealing with psychosocial disabilities. It involves guidance and assistance by trained professionals to help participants navigate the NDIS, manage daily life, and work towards personal goals.

What is the criteria for NDIS Funding of Psychosocial Supports?

To qualify for NDIS funding, psychosocial supports must relate directly to the individual's disability, help improve their independence, and enable them to undertake daily tasks and participate in community life. These supports must also be cost-effective and beneficial.

What types of supports does the NDIS provide for psychosocial disabilities?

The NDIS offers a range of supports for individuals with psychosocial disabilities, which aim to assist them in participating in their community, work, and study, as well as rebuilding skills and confidence in daily activities. This spans skill development, capacity building, social skills development, and support from health professionals like occupational therapists and psychologists.