Meet Chloe – Enjoying A Day to Remember!

Chloe had dreamt of exploring the bustling heart of Sydney and seeing the Opera House since she arrived from Newcastle. With a little help from her United for Care support worker, Aideen, that dream became a reality.

June 7, 2024

Since relocating from Newcastle to United for Care’s Bondi Junction property back in April, Chloe had dreamt of exploring the bustling heart of Sydney. With a little help from her United for Care support worker, Aideen, that dream became a reality.

United for Care's Supported Independent Living program prioritises giving participants like Chloe the freedom and support to live their lives the way they want to.  

Whether it's pursuing hobbies, hanging out with pals, or simply enjoying a day out in the city, SIL empowers participants to follow their passions and make their own choices.

A Day to Remember

For Chloe, swapping Newcastle for Sydney has unlocked a vibrant world of experiences. Sydney, as Australia's largest city, boasts a dazzling array of shops, restaurants, sights and cultural events – all waiting to be discovered. From iconic landmarks to hidden laneways, there's something new to explore around every corner.  

“I’ve been waiting to do a daytrip to the city”, says Chloe, with a hint of excitement in her voice, “I love being around new people and seeing all the sights.”

Chloe was desperate to see Sydney’s world-renowned Opera House, but how she got there was every bit as exciting as the famous building itself. The journey started with a scenic bus trip from Bondi Junction and finished with a refreshing and wind-swept ferry ride.  

Taking a stroll around the Opera House and enjoying the views of the Harbour Bridge, the pair stopped so Chloe could indulge in something else she loves about her new home city – the food.  

Sydney has an amazing selection of cafes and restaurants, and Chloe’s determined to try as many as possible. Now, she can tick sushi from the Opera House Cafe off her list.        

Everybody knows that no day trip to the city is complete without a little shopping, and Chloe found a new hat in one of the stores in Circular Quay – the perfect accessory to ‘cap’ off a fun-filled day!  

Living Life on Her Terms

As Chloe’s story highlights, United for Care’s Supported Independent Living program takes a person-centered approach, putting you in control and providing the support you need to live life on your terms.

Aideen says, “It’s very important that the participants choose what they do. Everything is based on what they want, and not on what we think is a good idea.”  

That’s what Supported Independent Living is all about – empowering you to make your own choices and do things your way. It doesn’t matter what sparks your passion, or what piques your interest – if you’re into it, United for Care will make sure you get involved. Our motto is, do what you do, as long as it’s you!  

Aideen says, “Going into the city and visiting the Opera House is something Chloe’s spoken about since day one. Seeing her getting ready the day before and how excited she was this morning makes the whole team very happy. Our job is to get in tune with what the participants are keen to do so we can make it happen.”

More Confidence, Independence & Freedom

Reflecting on the impact that United for Care’s team has on her life, Chloe says, “My support workers help me every day. It gives me more confidence, more independence, and more freedom.”  

Chloe is already making plans to capitalise on the opportunities that come with her new-found freedom. She’s keen to get a job and would love to teach Auslan, short for Australian sign language, which is the country’s natural sign language used by the hearing-impaired community.  

Chloe’s already getting some practice in for her dream career by teaching the basics of Auslan to Aideen and the other support workers at the Bondi Junction property.  

Aideen says, “It’s amazing to see how United for Care drives independence for participants by helping them achieve their goals, getting them involved in the community and giving them the chance to do things they’ve wanted to do for years. It’s something that’s rewarding for everyone involved.”

With so much support and freedom, a big city on her doorstep, and even bigger ambitions in her heart, for Chloe, the possibilities really are limitless.


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