Enhanced Occupational Therapy with United for Care

July 11, 2023

Support coordinators play a vital role in the NDIS, ensuring individuals with disabilities receive the assistance they need for fulfilling lives. One area of support that can greatly improve participants' lives is occupational therapy (OT). United for Care's is committed to delivery an exceptional and unique occupational therapy service to NDIS participants.

Occupational therapy is a specialised field that helps individuals engage in meaningful activities and overcome barriers to daily life. The advantages of OT for NDIS participants are extensive and include enhancing independence, improving quality of life, and promoting social inclusion.

At United for Care, we take pride in delivering exceptional services tailored to the specific needs of NDIS participants. Our occupational therapists conduct thorough assessments and provide highly detailed assessment reports to facilitate informed decision-making. We understand the importance of timely information, and our streamlined processes ensure quick report turnaround times. Additionally, we offer minimal 1-2 week lead times to ensure participants can access occupational therapy services promptly.

Occupational therapy holds immense potential for enhancing the lives of NDIS participants, aligning perfectly with the goals of the NDIS. United for Care is dedicated to providing exceptional OT services, empowering support coordinators to contribute significantly to the well-being of NDIS participants.

Let's continue paving the way for a more inclusive and supportive future for individuals with disabilities together.

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